Spring-Klein Youth Baseball

SKSA offers a variety of baseball programs designed to provide levels of play to accommodate a players skill level or desired level of competition. From recreational neighborhood ball to competitive pre-formed roster teams, SKSA Youth Baseball has something to offer for players from ages 5-18.

Current league programs include Metro, Select, Seniors, SuperStars and Summer baseball. For more details see the league program overviews and links below.


Metro baseball is focused on recreational play. It progresses from t-ball for our 5 year olds, to coach pitch for 6-8, and then kid pitch from 9 onwards. Getting Started in Metro League


The Select Baseball program consists of pre-formed teams with players that are prepared for a more competitive level of play. These programs are for the serious ball player with the skills and commitment to play the game at a higher level. Select baseball provides 3 progressive levels of play: Select, Elite and Premier. Each age group plays in their own division.


The Spring-Klein Seniors Baseball program is for high school age group players who are interested in advancing their baseball skills and those who have the goal of playing for their high school team. There is a single division for players age 15-18.


The Spring-Klein SuperStars Baseball Program is for our baseball players with special physical, emotional, or mental challenges. This program is open to players ages 5 to 18.


The summer league provides a baseball program for players to continue to play over the summer between the normal SKSA fall and spring sessions. The main goal of the program is to keep kids physically active during the summer months and have some fun making new friends and playing some baseball.


Spring-Klein Baseball hosts baseball tournaments throughout the year for all classifications and age groups. We hope to have the opportunity to crown your team as one of our tournament champions.

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SKSA & Nations Baseball Rules

The Yellow Book outlines specific supplemental rules in play for youth baseball at SKSA. All other rules are set forth in the Nations Baseball Rules. High school age group games (Seniors) at SKSA are governed by the Official High School Baseball Rules of the National Federation of State High School Association.

For tournament play rules please see the SKSA Tournaments page.


Baseball Contacts

Email Contacts:
General Information - baseball@sksa.com
SKSA Maintenance - vp.administration@sksa.com
SKSA Umpires - umpires@sksa.com
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Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 12022
Spring, TX 77391-2022

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