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Spring-Klein Umpire Association

The Spring-Klein Umpire Association (SKUA) is the governing body for the Spring-Klein baseball umpires. SKUA offers opportunities for umpires at a variety of skill levels to officiate youth baseball games. SKUA hosts classes and instructional camps throughout the year to provide essential training for the beginner and advanced mechanics for the seasoned umpire.

Umpire Schedules

Scheduling Procedures -

  1. Please limit your request to five (5) days per email so that others can have an opportunity to be scheduled as well. There is no max on how many emails per day.
  2. Do not request games, unless you see an "orange" spot. There will be no availabilities kept for future reference.
  3. Request will be from email only, no phone request.
  4. PLEASE divide your tournament game requests and your league game requests to separate emails.

Umpire Game Schedule

Field Status

Always remember to check the field status before heading out to the park!

Field Status

New Umpire Information

The first step is to sign-up for a Basic I Class which are scheduled in August and January. Review the Umpire training section for more information below.

The following document covers various topics for first time umpires at SKSA. It includes details for equipment, SKSA policies and game scheduling. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

First Steps to Umpiring at SKSA

Umpire Training

If you have any questions regarding baseball umpiring, training and/or scheduling at Spring-Klein please send an email to John Carroll at We provide learning opportunities for new umpires to established veteran umpires.

All SKUA training classes are taught using the proven methods of the professional baseball umpire schools.

SKUA Instruction Staff

David Frame: SKUA Umpire in Chief. David is a graduate of the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School, the Evaluation Course of Minor League Baseball and the Pro Umpire Camp where he also works as an instructor. David worked Professionally in the Coastal Plain League and currently works in the Independent Professional North Atlantic League and the American Association. David also works as an NCAA Division I collegiate umpire and has worked TASO for several seasons.

Mike Carroll: SKUA Chief Instructor. Mike is a graduate of both the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School and The Umpire Academy by Minor League baseball. Mike attended the Evaluation Course and the Pro Umpire Camp, where he works on the instruction staff. Mike has worked in affiliated Minor League Baseball since 2014. Currently assigned to the Advanced "A" Florida State League, Mike previously worked in the Arizona Rookie League, the Pioneer League and the South Atlantic League. Mike previous has worked Independent Professional baseball for both the North Atlantic and American Associations. Outside of Professional baseball, Mike currently works as an NCAA Division I and II umpire and has several seasons of TASO.

Andrew Larkin: Senior Instructor. Andrew is a graduate of The Umpire School by Minor League Baseball. Andrew has attended the Professional Umpire Camp and the Professional Baseball Umpire Corp Evaluation Camp. Andrew worked in Affiliated Minor League Baseball in 2016 in the Arizona Rookie league. Andrew currently works for the Independent Professional American Association as well as NCAA Division I college and TASO Independent Professional and previously worked in affiliated professional baseball in the Arizona Rookie League.

In addition David, Mike and Andrew are assisted by Trevor Gibson and Ethan Mercier who are both graduates of The Umpire School by Minor League Baseball.


The SKUA Basic I Class will meet on MONDAY'S beginning AUGUST 6, 2018. The class will meet from 6 - 9 pm for the next 6 weeks, and is led by David Frame assisted by Mike Carroll & Andrew Larkin. This class is for umpires with little or no experience. Students will be taught the fundamentals of Umpiring, One Man mechanics, basic 2 man mechanics, OBR rules, Nations rules and how to handle situations on the field. Successful completion of this class will qualify a student to work Coach Pitch and T-Ball games at SKSA. Most other leagues will accept completion of the SKUA class as qualifications to work at their park as well. The cost for this class is $50 for the first time student only, returning students are free.

The SKUA Basic II Class will meet on THURSDAY'S beginning AUGUST 9, 2018. The class will meet from 6 - 9 pm for the next 6 weeks, and is led by David Frame, assisted by Mike Carroll & Andrew Larkin. This class is for umpires that have some level of experience and is required for any new umpire wishing to work at SKSA. Umpires must have completed the BASIC I class AND worked 1 season of closed bases OR verifiable experience at another league. This class teaches basic 2 man mechanic theory with emphasis on plate and base mechanics, ball and strikes and working in the 2 umpire system. Successful completion of this class will qualify you to work 9u and higher level games at SKSA. Most other leagues will accept completion of this class as qualification to work at their park as well. Returning SKUA students and SKUA members are free. First time attendees are $50


Instructed by current MiLB/Major League rover Clint Fagan and his staff of Division 1 College and Minor League umpires. The core instruction of this class is used at other SCUA camps priced at several hundred dollars. Clint has been an extraordinary resource for SKUA and considers SKSA his home. Through this relationship, Clint has made this camp available to SKUA members at a reduced rate which allows SKUA members to attend at no cost (the cost is covered by the association). Non-SKUA members may attend at a reduced rate of $125 for all 3 days. This is the Premier Amateur Umpire Camp offered in the Houston area, no other camp will come close to the level of training that you can receive without traveling several hundred miles and paying many times the cost. Students attending the Basic I and Basic II classes can attend with special breakout sessions taught specifically tailored to your current level. Contact for details.

Registered -


The Pro Umpire Camp is the primary camp supplying umpires to Professional Independent Baseball. The PUC is an advanced 3 man clinic that prepares and evaluates umpires to work professionally in the summer. In additional to Professional Independent Leagues, PUC also supplies umpires to a number of summer Collegiate All-Star leagues. PUC Lead Instructor Ron Teague is a former MiLB umpire who last worked in the AAA Pacific Coast League as a Crew Chief. Ron is a long time instructor and great friend to SKUA and a mentor to several of our umpires. The Pro Umpire Camp has benefited a number of SKUA umpires in their professional careers and the instruction staff has several SKUA umpires as members

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited to 60-70 students for this camp. Graduates of the two professional umpire schools have priority for these spots. It is possible to be hired for summer baseball, although most of the Professional leagues have a requirement that the umpire has attended Pro School. Attendance at this class is only for those serious about making umpiring a profession. Applicants for this class that are not Pro-School graduates MUST have a recommendation from their Association UIC to be accepted.

We are extremely proud that PUC has chosen to base their camp at SKSA. 3 current SKSA umpires (Carroll, Frame & Larkin) are graduates of PUC and Mike and David will be assisting with the Instruction at this camp. Additional information available at

SKSA & Nations Baseball Rules

SKSA Yellow Book

SKSA Tournament Rules

Texas Nations Baseball Tournament Rules

Nations Baseball Rules

Official Baseball Rules

The Yellow Book outlines specific supplemental rules in play for youth baseball at SKSA. All other rules are set forth in the Nations Baseball Rules. High school age group games (Seniors) at SKSA are governed by the Official High School Baseball Rules of the National Federation of State High School Association.


The following handout/study guides contain useful information regarding rules in play.


Catch - No Catch

Fair Ball - Foul Ball

Live Ball - Dead Ball

Umpire General Information

Game Cards:Umpires please take an extra minute or two to check and make sure that your game card is filled out accurately before you turn it in. Remember to print legibly and to fill the card out completely. Both Managers signatures are required for all tournament games.

Security: Be aware that some vehicles have been broken into at Rothwood. Leave your valuables at home.

Good Sportsmanship: Be aware of negative comments made to opposing teams. If a team is chanting and cheering, it MUST be for their team and NOT against the opposing team. The proper way to handle this to approach the coach in a professional manner and ask him to advise him team to refrain from negative comments toward opposing teammates as this will not be permitted.

Timeliness: There have been way too many cases of games not starting on time due to umpires arriving late to the park. Please be at the park 30 minutes before game time and on the field eight (8) minutes prior to the first pitch. The first games of the day should NEVER start late. Umpires please do your best to make sure that the 8 PM game starts at 8 PM. The lights will go out at 10:15 PM.

Umpire Etiquette: Remember to always be PROFESSIONAL in everything that you do, on and off the field. Please be aware of your surroundings before, during and after the game. It is not proper to tuck in your shirt around the players or spectators and especially not in front of the concession stands. If you must straighten yourself up, please do so in the umpire dressing area or the restroom facilities. Thanks in advance with your help in this matter.
NOTE: If an umpire is caught shaving time from any game he will be suspended! Umpires, this is part of professionalism. You do not want anyone to think that you are shaving time. Think about your integrity. Do you want someone to think that you are cheating the kids out of their playing time? The correct answer is "NO".

Umpire Food and Drink Policy: Umpires will receive an umpire discount for all food and drink items in the concession stand. The umpire discount is 50% of the listed price. Water will be the only item that umpires will receive at no cost.

Slide Rule Clarification: All ages. Yellow Book Page 10 (h) Any runner DELIBERATELY running into a fielder with (or without) the ball or attempting to make a putout shall be declared out. This is an umpire's judgment call. The severity of the infraction may also allow the umpire to disqualify (eject) that player from the remainder of the game. NOTE: A runner must slide or go around a fielder without making flagrant contact when a play is being made on him at any base, including home plate. Any malicious or flagrant contact shall result in the player being called out and ejected from the game. The umpire will declare the ball dead at the point of the violation and precede in accordance with official baseball rules. Any runner jumping over a fielder will be called out. The rule will be called accordingly: Runners can do one of four things: 1)slide, 2)give up, 3)go around, or 4)go back. Runners are never required to slide but MUST avoid malicious contact. NOTE: There can be a collision where both players go head over heals and not be malicious contact. The key for malicious contact is "intent", umpires need to ask themselves when making the call, "Did the runner deliberately or intentionally run into the fielder to break up the play or cause harm to the fielder?" If your answer is yes, then you have malicious contact, if your answer is no, then it is a clean play and you have nothing. Umpire's need to be careful when making this call as to not eject a player if the intent is not there. Keep in mind that the younger ages are just learning the game and sometimes there will be contact by the runner not sliding and running into the catcher. Remember the key word is "INTENT".

Umpire News and Updates

SCUA Advanced Camp Agenda

The Advanced 2 Man camp is once again operated by Clint Fagan and his highly qualified staff. Highlights will be handling plays at the plate, plays at 1st base and rotations.

Camp will begin Friday at the end of the Association Meeting with classroom instruction and will continue on Saturday and Sunday. There will be live games with umpires rotating through both plate and base work. Umpires will receive feedback immediately after their time on the field. Instructors will have drills on Sunday in areas that they find the most opportunity for improvement of the group.

Bring uniforms and all gear. EVERYONE will be working live games. We have a wide range of games set up from 10U – 13U.

Cost for the camp is FREE. The camp is covered by your SKUA dues. Attendance at the camp will reduce your SKUA dues from $50 to $25. The cost of the camp for non-SKUA members is $125.


NBTA Umpire Gear

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Hudson 51 Official Wear to provide NBTA gear for all of our officials nationwide. Hudson 51 is owned by MLB (#51) umpire Marvin Hudson. Many of you met Marvin when he stopped by the park last fall when he was in town for an Astros' series. You can now order your uniforms directly from the Hudson 51 website instead of waiting for us to get new stock.

Hudson 51 currently is offering Hats, Shirts (Black and Powder), Convertible Jackets (sleeves zip off) as well as pullovers and Thermabase jackets. They will be adding additional items soon. Use this link to order your gear before the season starts

Hudson 51 Official Wear Introduction Letter

I also want to send a big THANK YOU to Clay Park for helping to put this together. Even though Clay does not live in the area, he has instructed at quite a few of our camps and he's been known to pop in frequently to work games in the fall when he gets back from his AAA season.

Concussion Protocol

SKSA has implemented a concussion protocol for Metro League play. Umpires should be aware of this protocol and policy.

Umpire Contacts

David Frame

John Carroll