Concussion Protocol

There is a greater emphasis today in youth sports on preventing, recognizing, and obtaining immediate treatment of concussions and head injuries. Although the incidence of concussions in youth baseball are, thankfully, low, all it takes is one incident to impact us all. Accordingly, SKSA would like to make you aware of some resources available to all coaches, parents, players and volunteers for education on this issue and the protocol that is mandated for participants in SKSA Youth Baseball.

SKSA strongly encourages everyone to visit the CDC website and become familiar with the information available. It’s free and it could help prevent serious injury or even death. The links are provided below.

SKSA Concussion Protocol:

  1. Any player (or coach) who has sustained a head injury or who is suspected of having sustained a head injury MUST immediately be seen and treated by a licensed health care professional for evaluation and clearance.
  2. Any player that has sustained a concussion or head injury must immediately report that to SKSA at using the Concussion Report Form. This will alert the SKSA board of the suspected injury.
  3. An athlete can only return to play or practice after at least 24 hours and with written permission from a health care professional. No player (or coach) will be allowed to return to the playing field until written medical clearance is received by SKSA.

CDC Website Resources:

CDC Heads Up for Youth Sports Website

CDC Heads Up Concussion Training

CDC Head Up for Parents Information Sheet


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