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SKSA Field Locations and Details

Spring-Klein has three complexes that are used for our Youth Baseball and Adult Softball programs.

Rothwood Complex

Rothwood is the primary park for our Youth Baseball leagues. It has 13 lighted fields, ranging from Tee-Ball to Senior sizes, and 2 concession stands. Parking is available in the front and the rear of the complex. Rothwood also has 2 batting cages and several soft-toss stations for use by scheduled teams. The SKSA boardroom is also on this premises.

22418 Rothwood Rd
Spring, TX 77389
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Klein Park

Klein Park is owned and maintained by Harris County and is leased to Spring-Klein. Klein Park contains 4 lighted baseball fields and 1 concession stand and is used for the Youth Baseball leagues and SuperStars program. New lights and other park improvements were completed in January 2011 to enhance the facility.

4531 Spring Cypress Road
Spring, Texas 77379
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Collins Park

Collins Park has 4 lighted fields and 1 concession stand and is used for the Adult Softball leagues and SKSA Baseball tournaments.

6727 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, Texas 77379
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Park Rules

Please review and follow all park rules and reglations.

SKSA Youth Baseball Park Rules

  1. Alcohol is prohibited in both the parking lot and the park. Please note that Klein Park and Collins Park are county facilities as such this is a County regulation at those locations and violators will be cited.
  2. Skate boards, scooters, and bicycles are not permitted in the dugouts, spectator stands, concession stand area, walk paths or the general area of our playing fields and field complexes. This is a safety precaution to avoid injury due to the large volume of foot traffic at the parks.
  3. No pets are allowed at the park. Only service animals may be present. Persons bringing pets to the park will be asked to leave. It does not matter how small the animal is, please leave them at home.
  4. Physical and/or verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  5. Please pick up the trash in your dugout and spectator stands/area before leaving the field. It is your responsibility to clean up before your team leaves the dugout and stands prior to the next team taking the fields. There are numerous trash cans at the facility, do not leave your trash for the next team to deal with. Violators may be subject to loss of any field rental privileges.
  6. No hitting or throwing balls into the field fencing for practice or otherwise. Anyone doing this will be asked to leave the field and may be subject to loss of field rental privileges. This includes plastic wiffle balls.
  7. No hitting/batting warm-up activities are allowed inside the fences on the fielding area (grass or dirt). Batting can only be done in the batters box, and is only permitted during approved practice sessions. Anyone doing hitting drills/practice in the field area will be asked to leave the field and may be subject to loss of field rental privileges. Please use the provided soft-toss and batting cage areas.
  8. No pre-game batting practice is allowed on the fields. Pre-game batting practice is restricted to the soft-toss stations and batting cages.
  9. Players must remain in the dugout at all times.
    • Any players coaching the bases must wear a helmet.
    • Pitchers and catchers warming up on the sidelines in the field foul territory area must be supervised/shielded by a coach or a player facing the direction of play. Supervising players must wear a helmet and a glove.
    • Only the on-deck batter may be outside of the dugout and must have a helmet on. Hitters 'in the hole' must remain in the dugout.
  10. Complaints or questions regarding umpires should be directed to your age group VP and coordinator.
  11. The home team will occupy the third base dugout.

Full rules and regulations for provided in the Nation Baseball Rules and SKSA Yellow Book.

Rothwood Soft-Toss and Baseball Cage Usage Rules
  1. The batting cages and soft toss nets/areas at Rothwood are available to teams with scheduled games that day on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Do not allow children to climb on the netting surrounding or poles supporting the structures.
  3. Please do not leave children to play in an unoccupied cage unsupervised.
  4. Please do not remove the pitching barriers from the batting cages.
  5. Teams with scheduled practices can use the cages but should concede the cages to any team needing a cage for pre-game warm-up.
  6. Teams or individuals without a scheduled field practice time or game must concede cages to any team/individual with a scheduled activity.

SKSA Adult Softball Park Rules

Field Rentals

Field rentals are available for both SKSA Youth Baseball Facilities (Rothwood and Klein Park) and the Adult Softball Park.

Youth Baseball Field Rentals

Adult Softball Field Rentals

Lost & Found

See the Lost & Found message board to report something lost or found.

If you have lost or found something at one of the parks please contact us at and we will post a notice on the site.

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