Getting Started in Metro Baseball

What is Metro baseball?

Metro baseball is the recreational level of play at SKSA intended to provide all kids a place to play. Specific rules are in place to promote playing opportunity for all players on the team. Metro League offers divisions for the following age groups:

  • 5U: T-Ball
  • 6U / 7U / 8U: Coach Pitch
  • 9U-14U: Kid Pitch

The 9-14 divisions use a set of progressive rules with less restrictions for each group that allow players to adjust and learn the game of baseball.

For full details on the program see the Metro Baseball page or the Blue Book.

What age group will my player be in?

The cut-off date for SKSA is aligned with the Nations sanctioning rules for player age groups. The cut-off date is specific to the season being played in order to maintain age group continuity. The baseball year currently starts on August 1st.

  • Spring/Summer League Programs - April 30th in the calendar year of the season
  • Fall League Program - April 30th in the following calendar year

Players can play up an age group, but never down. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The registration system will automatically show you which sessions your child is eligible for.

How are teams formed?

Team formation for Metro is managed directly by the league coordinators for each age group. Players are registered individually and the league forms the rosters based on their age group and by considering the player's school, subdivision, and general area. A manager is assigned to each team who will be responsible for coordinating all league activities for that team.

The Metro program does provide the opportunity for friends to play together through a couple of options. For the group of a couple of players you can simply submit a "friend" or "coach" request in the registration process to request that a player be grouped on a specific team. In most cases these requests are honored but there are some circumstances where SKSA will not be able to fulfill all requests. In addition the league offers the option for a partially pre-formed team designated "Friendship Teams". The spirit of the friendship team is to allow a group of players to play together so that classmates & neighborhood friends can play together. In order to promote a fair level of play guidelines have been developed to limit the size and strength of these teams. Full details are available in the Friendship Team Guidelines. To build a friendship team the guidelines must be followed and rosters submitted for review per the timeline posted for each season.

The basic process for each season is as follows:

  • Registrations will be held for sign-up of all players
  • Friendship rosters must be submitted and approved prior to posted date
  • Managers/coaches/team parent volunteers also need to register using the online registration system (a background check is required for managers as well which is included as part of the registration process)
  • At the conclusion of registration age group coordinators build the teams and notify managers
  • Rosters are handed out at the team manager meeting (posted on website for each season)
  • Manager selects team name at team manager meeting from provided list of available teams (Metro uses MLB teams for the Spring season and MiLB team names for Fall. Seniors uses MiLB team names.)
  • Team managers contact players to inform them of team placement within 3 days of managers meeting
  • Managers are responsible to select their teams assistant coaches and team parent. The league will provide names of any volunteers for those roles assigned to their team but the final decision is up to the manager.

Where and when are practices and games held?

Practices: For Metro league teams practice locations and times are established by the team manager. The league does not assign these. The league tries to build teams by location and we encourage coaches to seek a location convenient to all players on the team - although this is not always possible. Many of the local schools have spaces suitable for younger age group teams to practice.

Games: Metro league games will be played at the Rothwood or Klein Park complexes Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays. Metro teams will typically play one game during the week and one game on Saturdays. Weekday games are scheduled for 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM for ages 9-14, 6:00 PM or 7:30 PM for ages 5-8. Saturday games are scheduled throughout the day. Rain out games are rescheduled as availability allows. Schedules for each season are posted the week prior to play starting on the SKSA website (we try to accomplish this but in some cases the lead time may be shorter).

Rainouts: Makeup games for rainouts are scheduled as field availability allows. In a worst case scenario this could include double-header games. Please make sure to check your team schedule on the website after a rainout for updates.

What equipment or apparel will my player need?

All players will need to have their own glove, cleats and a bat. We encourage all players to wear a protective cup which parents need to provide (mandatory for catchers). The league provides helmets but many parents choose to purchase a personal helmet. The league also provides catchers equipment for each team which includes mask/helmet, gloves, chest protector, and leggings.

As for the uniforms the provided components vary by season as indicated below:

  • Fall Season - Hats and shirts are provided. Parents provide belt, socks and pants.
  • Spring Season - Hats, shirts, belts and socks are provided. Parents are responsible for pants.
  • Summer League - Hats and shirts are provided. Parents provide belt, socks and pants.

These items can be purchased at local sports stores such as Academy or Walmart. For pants it is a good idea to wait until team formation so the manager can coordinate color choice. The league no longer includes pants in the uniform as the sizes vary too much and the cost savings were negligible for the members.

How do I sign-up my player for Metro?

Simply go to the website and check to see when the next season is being played and register your player. See the registration page here: Registration Page

  1. If you want to play with a specific player or coach the registration process will give you the opportunity to request that
  2. The details for the current season will be posted on the website
  3. Each season SKSA hosts a manager meeting and team rosters are handed out at that meeting
  4. Managers will generally contact all players within 3 days after the managers meeting

How do I volunteer to manage, coach or be a team parent?

None of this happens without volunteers. The Metro program is completely dependent on volunteers to execute nearly every facet of the league. So please get involved with your league and help to create a great experience for the kids of our community.

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteers must register and complete a background check. This is mandatory.

If you would like to manage, coach or volunteer for team parent please register using the registration system for the current season. See the registration page here: Registration Page

  1. Managers are required to register and complete a background check (included as part of registration process)
  2. Assistant coaches and Team Parent volunteers should also register so we can provide names to managers
  3. Information for team parents can be found at Team Parent Central
  4. If you are going to manage Friendship team you will to fill out a friendship roster by the date posted for each season → Friendship Team Guidelines | Friendship Roster Form.

SKSA will host a pre-season meeting for each session and then a manager and team parent meeting prior to the season start. These meetings provide all the essential information required for the season and dates are posted on the website and typically will be emailed out as well.


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